The PEACEPEN is a bullet transformed into a working pen. It is handcrafted from authentic .30-06 Springfield Cartridges, with a bullet shaped pen is inserted into the casing. The pen itself is reversible, with one end for writing, and one end for storage. This feature is unique to the PEACEPEN and is not found on any other bullet pens. The casing is no longer capable of being used as live ammunition.
PEACEPEN - $9.99
Pens are approximately 3 and 1/2 inches long and are easily refillable. Each PEACEPEN is unique and may vary in size, shape, and markings.
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Authentic bullet pens made in Hungary and shipped from Palo Alto, California.

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Price: $9.99
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"Without self knowledge there cannot be PEACE. In order to end the wars of the world, first we have to put an end to the war within ourselves. Wars can only end if you recognize the threat of danger, and take responsibility for it instead of leaving it to someone else. If you recognize suffering, if you see that we must act immediately, and we do not procrastinate this thing any longer, you will transform yourselves. PEACE will only come when you have made PEACE within yourselves and your fellow humans."